Syrian Women's Council blesses Assyrian New Year (Akitu)

The Syrian Women's Council congratulated the Assyrian people and the entire Syrian people by the Assyrian New Year (Akitu).

This came in a statement issued by the Syrian Women's Council on the occasion of the (Akitu) holiday and included:

"On the occasion of the Assyrian New Year (Akitu), which coincides with the victory of our people against the forces of terrorism and extremism, and with the joy of the earth by giving the sky and its benefits and the joy of heaven by the birth of a new spring, on this glorious occasion we are pleased as the Syrian Women's Council to share joy of renewed life and spring with our Assyrian people.

And to offer to this people, in particular, and to all the Syrian people, heartfelt congratulations and blessed exchanges, in the year 6769, according to the Babylonian Assyrian calendar.

And to emphasize our pride in the depth and originality of this people who have been steadfast in their roots and land for thousands of years.

The beauty of our country lies in its rich and diverse and integrated diversity. Our continuous struggle for freedom and justice and the guarantee of the rights of the peoples of Syria on the ground of recognition and respect is a decisive factor in promoting integration and solidifying the harmony and sunshine of Syria and resuscitating its vitality and renewal.

The presence of the Assyrian people, their adherence to their land and their support for the continuation of this existence and the strengthening of adherence is a duty and a necessity for us as a Syrian people, as it is a right and duty of this people.

Happy New Year to the Assyrian and Syrian people and all the people of humanity, and may they live in, freedom, development and prosperity. "


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