Syrian Women Council discusses issues of violence against women

The Syrian Women Council (Aleppo Branch) organized a lecture as part of the Peace Without Borders campaign on the occasion of the International Peace Day on the provisions of the CEDAW Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

The lecture was attended by a group of intellectuals and representatives of civil institutions in the neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsoud, and was held in the meeting room of MSD.

The lecture began with holding a minute of silence, after which the spokeswoman of the Syrian Women Council (Aleppo Branch) Haifa Hassan, welcomed to the attendees, then read the provisions of the CEDAW Convention and Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women and Peace.

The debate was then opened to attendees who explained that during the war in Syria, women managed to overcome many of the obstacles they face, but they are still subjected to violence by authoritarian regimes.

During their discussions at the Syrian Women's Council, the attendees demanded the repetition of similar lectures, and proposed the formation of a committee to document crimes committed against women in Syria and communicate their voices abroad, stressing that it is not necessary to rely on the provisions of the agreements that have not been implemented, but more important is to reach peace through resistance.

The spokeswoman explained to ANHA agency about their goal of organizing such lectures, saying, "Because the Middle East, especially Syria, is experiencing several conflicts, and the most affected are women, while we realize that Syria has also signed the CEDAW and The Security Council, but we have seen that women have been subjected to ISIS terrorism and displacement, and we have also identified the key role of women in peace-building. "



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