Syrian Women Academy ended new course

In a ceremony attended by dozens of women from the region and civil and social institutions, the Syrian Women's Council Academy ended its 10th course.


Dozens of women from al-Tabqa and rural areas and members of the Civil Democratic Committees of al-Tabqa, the Administration of Women in al-Tabqa, the Union of Young Women came to participate in the graduation ceremony of the Martyr "Narin Judy" in the Academy of the Syrian Women's Council.

After holding a minute of silence, a number of speeches were delivered. The first speech was delivered by Reem al-Ebaid who is an administrator in Syrian Women Academy, which congratulated all trainees for this step in self-liberation, noting, "This course gave the trainees the full audacity to face their mistakes that stood in the way of women's leading role in the society."

The course included 25 trainees from various civil institutions in al-Tabqa and Deir ez-Zor which lasted for 22 days. The course included lessons on "criticism, self-criticism, special war, the democratic nation and women's science (Jineolojî) in addition to political and social lessons.

In conclusion, the attendees congratulated all trainees and wished to strengthen their role in all aspects of institutions and society.



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