Syrian tribes thwart Turkey's attempts to dismantle demographics

Turkish attempts to create Kurdish-Arab fighting for years have not worked in Syria, despite Turkish battles with religious masks in the country and attempts to provoke Arab tribes, coupled with a media and psychological warfare encouraging the fighting, where the tribes of northern and eastern Syria gave a clear message in light of talk about another Turkish attempt to occupy the area.

In light of the intensifying confrontations on a number of military and political fronts inside and outside Syria, between the alliances formed in the country recently, the Turkish goal remains the greatest threat to the region, which has been facing a policy of Turkey for seven years, namely the support of mercenary groups and attempts to extend their influence in the northern areas of Syria, in addition to the conduct of information campaigns in order to create chaos and benefit from them.

From Jabhat al-Nusra, the arm of al-Qaeda in Syria that committed massacres in the places it occupied, to ISIS and the Free Army mercenaries who turned the cities into rubble, and shed the blood of thousands of Syrians, all Turkish tools with documents, and publicly sought to dismantle the demographics and achieve Turkish goals.

In a long attempt to talk about it, the Turkish state is working to extend its hand inside the Syrian depth under the pretext of securing its borders to tamper with the demography of the region, such as the regions of northern and western Syria, such as Afrin, al-Bab, and Azaz, taking Syrian figures cheering for the Turkish occupation as a tool.

Tribal rejection from inside Syria of Turkish occupation

In early November 2018, Turkish and Arab media carried what they called a demonstration on the initiative of the Syrian National Movement to demand the entry of the so-called Free Army and the Turkish occupation of the city of Tal Abyad / Gire Spi in northern Syria.

According to Turkish media, dozens of Arab tribal elders demonstrated in the area of Reha, demanding the Turkish state to enter northern Syria and bring security.

On the Syrian side, the elders of the major Syrian tribes during a gathering of more than 5,000 people from all components of Syria in the town of Ain Issa, representing 70 tribes and clans of Syria, stressed that the Syrian tribes protect Syrian society and safeguard its social contract, while calling for an end to the Turkish occupation in Syria during the final statement read by the sheikhs of the Bekara clan As'ad Hajim al-Bashir.

The Arab tribes gathering in the area of Srin in northern Syria two weeks ago considered that the Arab tribes refuse and condemn some of the characters that distort the name of the Syrian tribes and support the Turkish occupation in meetings with Turkish officials there, calling on the Syrian refugees in Turkey to return to their homeland and not to yield to the "dirty" Turkish policies.

The Arab tribal group warned the Syrian tribesmen in Turkey not to turn into a Turkish fire fuel that burns Syria.

Wide participation of clans in anti-Turkish occupation activities

All this comes in light of the escalation of Turkish threats since July 15 to launch aggression on northern and eastern Syria and to draw military build-up to the border.

Recent Turkish statements have been widely rejected in various cities in the north and east of the country, with thousands of Syrians staging a sit-in in Kobani, Serekaniye and Gri Spi / Tal Abyad areas near the Turkish border

The tents of the sit-in witnessed a large and remarkable of Arab tribal elders and dignitaries from different regions of Syria, especially in the activity of human shields in the city of Tel Abyad, hundreds of meters from the Turkish border, expressing their strong rejection of any Turkish intervention under any pretext.

A prominent role for the Arab tribesmen in the liberation of northern and eastern Syria

The ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces from the Arab tribes, along with other components in Syria, have not been free from the extensive military campaigns that these forces have waged against ISIS and terrorist groups during the battles of Kobani city between 2014-2015 under the banner of the Euphrates Volcano operations room, to liberate the areas of Srin,Manbij, Al-Hol, Al-Shadadi, Al-Tabqa, Al-Raqqa to the last ISIS enclave in the eastern Syrian town of Baghouz on the Iraqi border where fighters from all parts of northern and eastern Syria fought the fiercest battles in mid-March of this year and were able to end ISIS geographically on Syrian territory.



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