Syrian 's forces advance in Ham province by Russian support

With Russian air cover, the regime's forces were able to advance in the countryside of Hama

On Tuesday morning, Arab newspapers touched upon to the advance that achieved of the Syrian regime's forces with Russian support.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Syrian's regime retakes its control two towns north Hama by support Russian warplanes.

On the Syrian issue, al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported on the situation in the field, saying that "the Syrian regime's forces with a Russian air cover made progress near the province of Idlib in north-west Syria, after controlling the two towns north of Hama in the center of the country.

The province of Idlib and neighboring areas, where about three million people live has been exposed to the bombardment daily basis carried out by Syrian and Russian warplanes since the end of April, does not exclude hospitals, schools and markets, and is accompanied by fierce battles concentrated in the northern countryside of Hama. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said yesterday that "after fierce fighting since the first week of June, the regime's forces managed to control the towns of Tel-Malh and Jeebin in the northern countryside of Hama."



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