Syrian regime refuses external interference!!

The Syrian Foreign Ministry declared its absolute rejection of any form of Turkish intervention, considering it a blatant attack on the sovereignty and unity of Syria, in a repetition of previous statements that were not translated into practical steps to prevent foreign interference.

Since the beginning of external interference in Syrian affairs, especially Turkey, which occupies part of the Syrian territory, the Syrian regime declares that it is against any interference, but until now there has been no practical step to confirm the credibility of its statements.

 The Syrian regime, through the Foreign Ministry, repeated what it had previously said. In a statement, the Syrian foreign ministry said that the Turkish-US understandings were a "flagrant violation of the principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations."

During the Turkish occupation offensive on Afrin in early 2018, similar statements were issued by the Syrian regime, but remained captive to the Russian position, which refuses to intervene in the Turkish attack.

In the statement, the Foreign Ministry denounced the continuation of external interference in Syria, which aims to prolong the crisis.

An official source told SANA in the Syrian Foreign Ministry that "the pretexts promoted by the Turkish regime in its aggression against Syria under the pretext of preserving its national security are being lied to by the policies of this regime, which has been and remains the main base of terrorism."

The source also said, "We confirm the continuation of constructive engagement to reach an end to the crisis through a political process led by the Syrians themselves, without any external interference, and the return of security and stability to the unified Syria."

The Syrian regime is claiming that it is seeking to solve the Syrian crisis through a political process led by the Syrians, but the reality is contrary to these statements. The Autonomous Administration has repeatedly called on the Syrian regime to cooperate, negotiate and resolve the Syrian crisis, but the regime remains adamant in its positions without any step towards a solution.

The shaky positions of the Syrian regime raise the doubts of the people over the seriousness of the regime in dealing with external attacks.


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