​​​​​​​Syrian regime evacuated buildings in Aleppo from its residents without providing alternatives

Informed sources reported to ANHA agency that the groups of the Syrian regime forces had evacuated a number of damaged buildings in Seif al-Dawla neighborhood from their residents in order to be classified as uninhabitable buildings and destroyed, without providing alternatives.

After the tragedy of a building that collapsed over the heads of its residents in al-Maadi neighborhood in the city, the regime forces evacuated a number of buildings damaged from its residents, in preparation for their destruction in Seif al-Dawla neighborhood.

The sources that communicated with ANHA agency indicated that those whose homes are destroyed are not provided with temporary housing by the Syrian regime, or even camps, but rather they give a maximum of 3 days to evacuate the house from its contents and go to any other place.

The sources added that in the event that the building is not evacuated during the specified period, the residents will be forced out and the homes that are not habitable be destroyed, so the regime will be absolved of responsibility for killing the residents if the buildings collapse.

This procedure increased the prices of renting houses in the city of Aleppo, where the rent of two rooms in Achrafieh neighborhood reached 25,000 Syrian pounds, or approximately half of the monthly salary of the employee with the Syrian regime.



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