Syrian regime escalated attacks against "demilitarized zones" in conjunction with Pedersen's presence in Damascus

The regime's forces stepped up their shelling of the so-called "demilitarized" zones, in conjunction with the presence of UN envoy Geir Pedersen in Damascus, and preparations for a new round of Astana meetings.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the forces of the regime carried out rocket attacks on Sunday evening targeting areas in Khan Sheikun, Altmtana, Talmans and Ma'arashmarin in the southern sector of the countryside of Idlib, and al-Zeyara and Zizun and the vicinity of Qustoun in Sahel al-Ghab in the north-western Hama.

While places in the axis of al-Rashideen the suburbs of Western Aleppo were bombarded by the regime forces.

In turn, a military source of the regime told Sputnik: "The Syrian army's monitoring and reconnaissance forces managed, on Sunday evening, to detect hostile movements of armed groups on the southern and south-eastern Idlib countryside."

The source added that "the army units bombed these targets with more than 40 rockets on the axis of the city of Khan Sheikun south of Idlib, where armed groups were bringing military reinforcements and the mobilization of militants on this axis."

The so-called demilitarized zones during the past few hours witnessed a violent escalation by the regime and Russia forces, coinciding with the visit of the UN envoy Pedersen to Damascus and preparations for a new round of meetings scheduled for October 25.



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