Syrian politicians call for political settlement after eradicating IS

A number of Syrian politicians have said that the process of eliminating IS has established the right ground for starting work to reach a political settlement in Syria away from conferences where representatives of the real Syrian people do not participate.

A number of politicians participating in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue held in Kobani, north of the country said that it is time to join the Syrian components and start a dialogue that would strengthen the consensus between the administration in Damascus and the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in North and East of Syria.

Salah al-Din Bilal, the director of "Espar" Center for Studies and Research in Germany said, "It is necessary not to break relations between Damascus and Autonomous Administration," and added during an interview held with Hawar news agency (ANHA), "There were a lot of disagreements and some consensus during the previous two phases of the dialogue between the two administrations. We want to strengthen consensus and to have a dialogue and a serious meeting on the points of contention, mental and precedent mentality of the Syrian regime to think about changing them because the fate of the Syrian people is the responsibility of all, and the blood and costs paid by the Syrian people are not a few."

For his part, the head of the National Bloc in Syria, Bassel Kuweifi, said that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) proved their ability to achieve victory over terrorism which threatened the world, and called for turning that victory into a political victory that serves to establish a democratic Syria for all Syrians in order to avoid leaving victims among the Syrian peoples.

In the same context, the professor of international law Mohammed Shaker said that the elimination of the most powerful types of terrorism in the world by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) resulted in a new breakthrough of the political process in Syria, creating at the current stage the appropriate environment to start a constructive dialogue and end the conflict in the country away from foreign conferences.

He also said that the conferences which were held in a number of cities around the world on finding a solution to the Syrian crisis have all failed because of the lack of participation of the real representatives of the Syrian people in those conferences.



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