Syrian opponent: constitutional committee does not represent Syrians

Opponent Syrian writer and journalist Alaa al-Khatib sees no chance for the constitutional committee to succeed because it does not represent Syrians.

Al-Khatib considered the constitutional committee "mainly Russian-Putin," as he put it, saying: "It is for purely Russian objectives related to even the Russian interior, and the amendment of the Russian Constitution to keep Putin president after 2024, and secondly is the result of Russian-Iranian-Turkish consensus, and therefore the decision of the committee as an opposition will be governed by opinion Turkish in general. "

As for the extent to which these regulations represent the Syrians and the possibility of reaching the outputs that may satisfy the Syrian people in a new Syrian constitution, al-Khatib explained: "In fact, the committee and the Syrian opposition leaders are far from representing Syrians. But regardless of all of the above, the exclusion of an essential part of the Syrian opposition, which is represented in SDC and others in northern and eastern Syria, weakens the already weak power of the committee.

The Autonomous Administration explained on September 26 that the exclusion of AA means the absence of justice and equality, and contrary to resolution (2,254), and called on the international community to reconsider this unfair step.

Al-Khatib noted that it is clear that the exclusion is a Turkish decision supported by Russia and Iran, in line with the regime's position on the Syrian Democratic Council. He said: "Of course it does not matter to the West and the Americans to interfere with the play of the constitutional committee because they realize that it is a political media maneuvers in the end."



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