Syrian Observatory: Transferring Syrian mercenaries by Turkey to Libya is escalating

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the transfers of Syrian mercenaries by Turkey to Libya are on the rise, while the casualties increased among them.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented further casualties among Syrian mercenaries during the escalating military operations in Libya, where 26 "Turkish mercenaries" were killed during battles with Haftar Forces on several axes in Libyan territory, which has been witnessing heavy fighting over the past few hours and days.

Thus, the death toll among the Turkish mercenaries rose to 249 of the mercenaries of "Al-Mu'atassim Brigade, Sultan Murad Division, Siqour Al-Shamal Brigade, Al-Hamzat Brigade and Suleiman Shah Brigade", according to the Observatory sources, they were killed during clashes on the axes of Salah al-Din neighborhood south of Tripoli, Al-Ramla axis near Tripoli airport and the axis of Al-Hadaba Project, as well as battles of Misrata and other areas of Libya.

For its part, the process of transferring "mercenaries" to Libya continues through the arrival of new batches and other preparations to transfer them by Turkey there. The Observatory pointed out a few days ago that the operation is witnessing a new escalation which is represented by the arrival of new batches periodically to participate in military operations alongside the Government of the National Accord against the "Haftar forces." According to statistics of the Syrian Observatory, the number of recruits who have arrived in Libyan territory so far amounted to about 7,400 "mercenaries," including a non-Syrian group, while the number of recruits who have arrived in Turkish camps to receive training amounted about 2,500 mercenaries.

While hundreds of mercenaries are preparing to move from Syria to Turkey, where the process of registering new names by the "National Army" mercenaries by order of Turkish intelligence continues, the operation sees the rejection of some mercenaries amid considerable pressure to stop support and threaten them in order to send new batches of its fighters to Libya.



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