Syrian Observatory: 1,750 of Erdogan's mercenaries got to Libya

A new batch of 1,750 Syrian mercenaries has arrived from Turkey in Libya, while the process of recruiting other mercenaries is continuing in Afrin and parts of northern Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the arrival of 1,750 mercenaries to Libya recently, while five mercenaries were killed in the fighting in Libya, and the bodies of some of them reached Afrin region, northwest of Syria, bringing the death toll among them in Libya to 19.

The Observatory said that Ankara sent 3,250 mercenaries in total from Syria to fight alongside the Libyan Accord Government in Tripoli.

The British newspaper of “The Guardian” indicated two days ago that 2,000 Syrian mercenaries had arrived or would arrive in Libya soon from Turkey to fight alongside the Accord Government.

According to the newspaper, they were airlifted to Tripoli, the stronghold of the Accord Government as they were deployed on the frontlines east of the capital.

The Source: The Syrian Observatory + the Guardian + RT

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