Syrian National Association to open offices in NE Syria

A source inside the Syrian National Association has revealed that the later intends to set up offices in north eastern Syria in the coming days.

According to the source in question, a delegation from Syrian National Association, headed by Mohamed Bermo, head of the body, has arrived at north eastern Syria, to hold meetings with representatives of Syria's Democratic Council, the SDC, and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, with the aim, according to the source, to get permits and okays needed to set up such offices in the region in the coming days.

Syrian National Association came to life on November 13th, 2015, in Vienna, and considered as a national, social and political body, it's pillars were set by the members of the Cordoba Working Group.

In late May, the Syrian National Association declared it's joining to Syria's Democratic Council, the SDC, in a press conference held in Vienna.


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