Syrian jurist: Turkish officials must be held accountable in ICC

The Syrian human rights jurist Kamal Haj Khalil said that Turkey committed atrocities in the north and east of Syria up to war crimes, demanding for the prosecution of Turkish officials in the International Criminal Court under (ICC) according to international law.

Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with the jurist who lives in Sweden talked that the legal provisions stipulated in the international conventions apply to the Turkish regime, due to committed genocide and carried out the ethnic and demographic cleansing in Afrin.

Since the beginning the Syrian crisis many, facts have emerged about the intervention of the Turkish regime in the Syrian crisis, starting with support of al-Qaeda branches in Syria and then armed gangs that called themselves the Free Army and even the strong relationship with Daesh mercenaries

These gangs, which received vital Turkish support, have wreaked havoc in Syria, killed thousands of Syrian people, infrastructure was destroyed.

Finally, Turkey has entered its army as an occupying power to the Syrian territory to complete the series begun by its mercenaries, where it practiced murdering, looting and vandalism, and the latest was in Afrin city which committed atrocities there.

"Syria is not a forest for Turkish politicians. There are children who are being killed, looted property, burned agricultural land, and the world has to realize the right through the law agreed upon in the Charter of the United Nations."

The Syrian jurist pointed out that " the fight against Daseh it is not easy and the international society must open investigate with the Turkish regime in (ICC), issuing law of prosecution against him, headed by Erdogan.

And said about the trial of IS' elements who were captured by SDF said "According to international law, victims have the right to try criminals on the victim's land, and Kobani is an appropriate place, and has all the legal requirements."



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