Syrian ISIS mercenaries subject to prosecute in N, E of Syria

The People's Defense Court began to prosecute Syrian ISIS mercenaries, especially those from the north and east of Syria.

Since its founding, the People's Defense Court has decided on criminal, terrorist and mercenary elements, and has so far tried thousands of them, some of these gangs have been detained, others surrendered.

Thousands of ISIS elements who are detained in detention centers by SDF's fighters in the areas of al-Tabqa, al-Raqqa and al-Hasakah, after eradicating ISIS geographically in Syrian town of al-Baguz in the eastern countryside of Deri-ez-Zor, thousands surrendered themselves to SDF estimated about 6,000 elements, after of the completion of their files by security forces, transferred to People's Defense Court, where the Public Prosecution of the People's Defense Court has started investigations with them and has so far investigated 1,724 of them

Trial mechanism

A session of the perpetrators is initially held, where their confessions are recorded and their statements and the crimes they committed are recorded. In the second session, they will be sentenced according to the offense or crimes they committed. In the event that one of these mercenaries does not confess, witnesses are summoned for their crimes, and the body will then rule on the mercenaries.

The People's Defense Court is also preparing to form an appellate court, and the offender has the right to appeal its case within it. The court also proposed expanding the anti-terrorism law, and submitted a letter to the General Council for Social Justice in northern and eastern Syria.

As for foreign mercenaries who have joined ISIS and who have been arrested or surrendered to the SDF, the General Council for Social Justice in Northern and Eastern Syria has formed a committee to discuss legal matters on how to prosecute ISIS mercenaries in the region, and has discussed with outside parties about this, stressing the necessity to prosecute mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria has not been responded yet.

In this regard, a member of the committee discussing the legal issues of how to prosecute ISIS in northern and eastern Syria, Luqman Khader Ibrahim, That the enormous numbers of mercenaries burden them and create difficulties for them, given the weak potential, "We need international assistance to prosecute foreign ISIS mercenaries because we have difficulties in criminal research and analysis of the type of weapons that have been used," he said.

Luqman revealed the support of France and Germany for the establishment of an international tribunal to prosecute ISIS mercenaries in the areas of northern and eastern Syria. He called on the International Coalition to support the establishment of the court, explaining that the expenses will be low because all the evidence and documents they have.

It is noteworthy that the People's Defense Court, established in 2014, and took its legitimacy from the Legislative Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA in Al-Jazeera region, and the court decides on felonies committed against the people of northern and eastern Syria and violations committed by mercenaries, under the anti-terrorism law, which was issued in accordance with the provisions of the social contract Pursuant to the proposal submitted by the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA No. 244 dated 31/7/2014 and the approval of the Legislative Council at its session No. 25 held on 27/9/2014.



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