Syrian government security forces arrest Makhlouf employees, latter threatens: a great risk

Rami Makhlouf, a Syrian businessman and relative of Bashar al-Assad, revealed that government security forces began arresting his company's employees, and Makhlouf also attacked the government, saying that the pressures began in an unacceptable and inhuman manner, describing what is taking place as a great risk.

Makhlouf said today: "The pressures began in an unacceptable and inhuman manner, and the security services began arresting our employees. Was anyone expecting the security services to come to the companies of Rami Makhlouf, the largest supporter, server and patron of these security apparatus during the war? But unfortunately, things started to turn in a different way. "

He added: "Do you think it is a joke or a game? It is a great risk because what I am asked cannot be done, I was asked to implement instructions while I closed eyes, I tell them that this method should not happen, this is unfair and misplaced power."

He continued: "We should not use the authority to our advantage but to serve the people. I have previously asked the Syrian President (Bashar al-Assad) to interfere in order to be just with our company and requests that they were not right in. The goal is not to pay but rather that the money that we pay will go to those who deserve it because it was going to be spent on the needy, the issue is very sensitive, enormous and a life-time toil, and part of the companies and businesses have been harnessed for humanitarian work. "

He said: "The aim of the appeal is to put an end to the interventions around the decision-maker, because it has become intolerable, nasty and dangerous."

The Syrian businessman appeared earlier in a video posted on his personal Facebook page, in which he criticized the government policy and finning Syriatel and MTN companies, and the president Bashar Al-Assad, threatened to open the files in a timely manner.

In turn, the Syrian Ministry of Communications, in response to Rami Makhlouf, said that it is proceeding with the collection of treasury funds, because they are due and payable by my cell phone company in the country, in response to the surprising video in which Rami Makhlouf appeared.

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