Syrian government raises petrol and diesel prices amid traders and industrialists’ apprehension

The Syrian government raised the price of free industrial and commercial gasoline and diesel, amid local chambers of industry complaining about the decision and citizens' fear of a new wave of price hikes.

On Monday, the Syrian government's Ministry of Internal Trade issued a decision to raise the price of a liter of industrial and commercial diesel fuel to 650 Syrian pounds and a liter of 95 octane gasoline to 1050 pounds.

The Aleppo Chamber of Industry commented on the decision and said that "it has a significant negative impact and will lead to higher production and shipping costs and higher prices in the markets, and to the cessation of many factories that are already suffering from stagnant markets and weak exports, especially since many industrial and craft areas have major interruptions in nutrition.

The ministry attributed its decision to "the great costs incurred by the government to secure oil derivatives in light of the unjust blockade imposed by the American administration on the Syrian people, with the aim of securing the industrialists' actual need for diesel and curbing the smuggling of the material to neighboring countries."

The price of a liter of industrial diesel was raised by 100%, from 295 to 650 Syrian pounds, and the same is true for gasoline from 850 to 1050 Syrian pounds, while the price of heating oil for bakeries has not changed, according to the ministry.

Citizens in the areas of the Syrian government fear a new wave of high prices, which are already high compared to the low income of government employees.


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