Syrian forces escalated its shelling on Idlib countryside, additional reinforcements of Turkey

On Monday, Syrian government forces have escalated its shelling in Idlib countryside, while Turkey continues to send military reinforcements to the region, with the ceasefire entering its 60th day in a row.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights SOHR reported that the regime forces continue to shell them with missiles at areas in the southern countryside of Idlib, where they targeted artillery shells, including Kansafra, al-Fatira, al-Barah, Sufouhn, and Fleifel.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored yesterday evening, the entry of a Turkish convoy from the Kafrlossen crossing north of Idlib towards the "Putin-Erdogan" region. The convoy consists of 30 military vehicles and trucks carrying logistical and military equipment.

With the continuation of sending more the Turkish convoys, the number of vehicles that entered Syrian territory since the start of the new ceasefire reached 2,980, in addition to thousands of soldiers.

This comes amid intensified confrontations in the De-escalation zone over the past few days.



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