​​​​​​​Syrian feminist activist: Struggle of a free woman brings terror into the heart of occupier

Syrian social researcher and feminist activist, Shafa Sawan, considered that the Turkish occupation state's targeting of the leadership, Jiyan Tolhildan, targeted the struggle of free women, and said, "The struggle of women brings terror into the heart of the occupier."

Turkish occupation state targets women who fought ISIS mercenaries, and is completing what ISIS could not, with its drones.

Last July 22nd, the Turkish occupation state targeted the female fighters who protected the people of the region from terrorism, commander of the Anti-Terrorism Units (YAT) Jiyan Tolhidan, commander in the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) Roj Xabûr, and the fighter in the Anti-Terrorist Units Barîn Botan.

On the 28th of the same month, a Turkish occupation drone targeted a car south of Ain Issa town near Tal al-Saman camp for the displaced people of Girê Spî / Tal Abyad, which led to the martyrdom of four members of the Internal Security Forces, "Bashar Mohammad Ali Buzan, Jihan Mohammad Mustafa, and Sarah Mohammad al-Hussein, and Salma Ali Mustafa.

On this subject, ANHA’s agency conducted an interview with the Syrian social researcher and feminist activist, Shafa Sawan.

The feminist activist spoke about the personality of the commander, Jiyan Tolhidan; She had met her at the first forum of the women's revolution in North and East Syria at the level of the Middle East, which was held on July 22-23 in Qamishlo, and she said: "The martyr Jiyan was the owner of a free and enlightened mind and thought, who had an influential impact in the forum."

She added, "It was a positive and a negative thing at the same time.  The positivity was her presence, her presence, and her classy thought. We used to have the idea of ​​militarism as an exclusionary idea, while Comrade Jiyan 's thought was defensive, developmental and enlightening, and included a great deal of awareness, and was open to the other.”

Feminist activist Shafa Sawan stated, "The character of the martyr Jiyan was a military figure who refused to attack. She was always there to defend women. Therefore, the colonial and occupied countries saw that the character of the martyr Jiyan was a threat to them."

'The occupation seeks to perpetuate ignorance'

The assassination like these brave fighters by Turkish occupation is to reinforce the ignorance, considering the fighters pose a threat on it. 

The Syrian social researcher and feminist activist, Shafa Sawan called on all women in North and East Syria and Syrian women to develop awareness and spread love among them. She said: "There is an eternal conflict between good and evil, and good always wins. It is the responsibility of women in North and East Syria to spread awareness and love, when these two clauses are strong within society, no one can penetrate this place."



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