Syrian crisis cannot be solved as long as Turkish occupation exists

"There will be no solution to the Syrian crisis as long as the occupation exists," said the administrator member of the Women’s Office in the Syrian Democratic Council, Janda Mohamed, calling on all parties to the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to remove the occupation from Syria and reach a democratic solution together in Syria.

Under the slogan of "the Continuous Resistance in Liberating Afrin and the Rest of the Occupied Territories," the Women's Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council organized a meeting on the occasion of the second anniversary to support the Resistance of Afrin attended by all women's organizations and institutions in Al-Jazeera region.

The meeting was organized in Zana Hall, in Qamishlo, and pictures of the Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, Hefrin Khalaf, and the mother Akida Osman, and pictures of the fighters who were martyred in the Resistance of Afrin and Serêkaniyê as well as pictures of children who were subjected to the massacres of the Turkish occupation in both Serêkaniyê Afrin and Tal Rifaat."

The meeting was conducted by administrators at the Women's Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, Janda Muhammad, Gulstan Ibrahim and Yasmine Howar.

Before starting the meeting, the participants stopped minute of silence, after which she directed the focus of the meeting, "The resistance continues until the liberation of Afrin and the rest of the occupied areas" by the administrator member of the Women’s Office in the Syrian Democratic Council, Janda Muhammad.

Janda spoke at the beginning about the role of the resistance of the people of Afrin and the people of NE, Syria in the face of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, noting that the Turkish occupation occupied the city of Afrin with an international conspiracy amid global silence, and committed massacres against the people, young and old.

Janda Muhamad said: The occupation of Afrin was the result of a trade-off between the regime forces and the Turkish occupation army, by handing the city of Afrin off against the Syrian Ghouta, after the city of Afrin was a safe haven for thousands of IDPs from the areas of al-Bab, Tal Rifaat, Jarablus and other cities, as it occupying Afrin, the Turkish occupation wanted to hit the project of Autonomous Administration, and eliminate the gains of the Rojava regions.

Janda also stated in her speech that the practices of the Turkish occupation against civilians in Afrin and causing great losses to civilians' properties, led to the displacement of more than 250 thousand civilians from the city of Afrin and the settlement of mercenary families from various Syrian governorates there, killing and wounding 2,969 civilians and arresting 5,576 civilians, and kidnapping 407 people, confiscating the property of 1,452 houses, some of which turned into prisons, others into military headquarters, in addition to demolishing 120 houses and uprooting more than 150,000 olive trees.

Janda noted that the Syrian crisis cannot be solved as long as there is an occupation of the lands, so a Syrian-Syrian dialogue is necessary to be able to remove the Turkish occupation from all the Syrian lands.

There was also a discussion between the attendees and the administrators' member in which they touched upon silence by the countries that claim to protect human rights, and that the laws that they issue are nothing but lies against humanity, because to this day they have not fulfilled their moral obligation towards the Syrian people, especially towards the people of the regions NE, Syria, which was hit by the fiercest attacks by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.



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