‘Syrian constitution cannot be formulated with any component excluded'

Members of the Legislative Council of al-Raqqa Civil Council confirmed that no constitution can be drafted without the participation of representatives of all components of the Syrian people and no component should be excluded.


The idea of Syrian constitution drafting committee came at the end of last year at the Sochi summit, which brought together "Russia, Turkey and Iran," but the committee was not formed because of a dispute with the Syrian government over its members.

In this context, ANHA agency held meetings with members of the Legislative Council of al-Raqqa Civil Council on the constitution.

The member of the Legislative Council Abdul Rahman Al-Issa explained: "How to draft a constitution for Syria without the consent and views of all components of the Syrian people in all its strata and orientations that aspire to be formed to serve the Syrian people? The constitution is the supreme law, which defines the basic rules of the homeland, republican or democratic, central or decentralized, and there must be a commitment to fully respect the territorial integrity of Syria."

"We, as Syrian people, are looking for a constitution that guarantees the rights of all individuals and components, in a way that suits all sectors without removing any component," he said. "It is the right of the Syrian people to draft the constitution.”

An unprecedented quadripartite summit was held on October 27 in Istanbul, Turkey, which brought together the heads of Turkey, Russia and France, to form a committee to draft a new constitution for Syria before the end of last year.

"No constitution can be drafted without considering the opinion of the people," said Abdel-Fattah Nasser al-Aker, head of the Legislative Council of al-Raqqa Civil Council. "The people are the only ones authorized to take the provisions of the constitution through which the society is run."

"Any constitution that does not have the approval of the majority of the Syrian people is rejected. The Syrian people are the only ones who have the right to formulate and draft their new constitution based on the customs and traditions of all elements of society without excluding any party," al-Aker said.

"The exclusion of the Syrian Democratic Council from a mechanism that constitutes the Syrian constitution is unacceptable. The Syrian Democratic Council represents more than 8 million of all the components of the Syrian people," he said. "The fate of this constitution is inevitable failure."

This was confirmed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday during a conference marking the first anniversary of the departure of Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin that the process of forming the Syrian Constitutional Committee is in its final stages.


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