Syriac Military Council fighter defends land against occupation

 Hawar Nour, a fighter in the Syriac Military Council grew up with the stories of massacres against his people. He is resisting in the front of Ain Issa against the descendants of the Ottomans.

The Turkish occupation army has been carrying out attacks on northeastern Syria since October 9, 2019 for occupying the city of Ain Issa and its countryside, while the SDF fighters stationed in Ain Issa are confronting these attacks within the framework of their legitimate right of defense.

Hawar Nour, a fighter of the Syriac Military Council, is fighting in the fronts of Ain Issa against the occupation. His family migrated from the city of Merdin in  Bakûr of Kurdistan to the areas of Rojava after the massacres of Sifo by the Ottoman Empire against Christians in 1915. Hawar heard from his grandmother the stories of massacres in 2015 2013. He took up arms to avenge these massacres.

'We were stopped from speaking our native language'

Nour spoke about the oppression of his peoples under the Baathist regime and said in this regard" Under the regime's rule, they were telling us ' there is only God, Syria and Bashar', and schools were teaching only Arabic. We couldn't learn in our language,  not only Arabs live in Syria_ there are Kurds, Syriacs, Armenians and many other components, but only Arabs were recognized unfortunately. Under the Autonomous Administration, people can learn their language, history and culture. So the protecting these gains are one of our key tasks."

The fighter who grew up listening to the stories of massacres, seeks to protect his people from new massacres. He spoke about the reasons of joining the Syriac Military Council, "I joined the forces in order to protect the peoples of the northeastern regions of Syria. The presence of our own military force is great pride for me. We will unite and prevent the recurrence of new Ottoman massacres against our people. Fighters of all components have joined the ranks of the SDF. I was raised and grew up on the stories of the massacres of Sifo that my grandmother was telling us about  105 years ago. I am fighting to reduce these massacres.

 " During Sifo massacres, thousands of children were targeted, millions of people were killed, and thousands of survivors were forced to migrate from their areas, forced to renounce their religion and convert to another religion."

Nour noted that the Syriac people, after all these massacres and the scourges that have been inflicted on them, have their own military force under the  Democratic Autonomous Administration that guarantees and protects the rights of all components. He added: "Because we have the power, we can defend our administration and our land; in the past, we did not have the power, "That's why we were subjected to the massacres of Sifo, Simeil. If we had power at that time, we would have been able to confront them and prevent massacres."

'With our unity we were able to defeat ISIS'

During his speech, Nour addressed ISIS brutal attacks against the components of the region, he said in this regard" They were forcing us to change our religion or pay tribute under the killing threat. They changed the names of the people who were kidnapped and called them Islamic names,"  these methods are all  of the Turkish state and ISIS mercenaries; ISIS mercenaries kidnapped the elderly Syriac, Assyrian and Armenian peoples, and raped women.

"Thousands of people have been killed, displaced by ISIS mercenaries. We have been able to defeat ISIS through our unity and solidarity, but the attacks of the Turkish state are continuing. I participated in the battles of Serêkaniyê , Selouk and Tel Tamer. I am defending Ain Issa now." "We have managed to defeat ISIS , made a lot of gains and we will defend them until the end," he said.



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