Syriac commander: We will not allow to repeat same massacres, 2015

A member of the General Command Committee of the Syriac Military Council in Tal Tamr area said that the people of Khabour basin areas did not forget what ISIS did to their people in 2015, so they will not allow the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries to repeat those massacres.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS continue their attacks on northern and eastern Syria, especially

Our only choice is resistance

Aram Hanna Hanna, a member of the General Command Committee of the Syrian Military Council, explained that their forces started deploying on the front lines to protect the Khabour basin areas. He pointed out: "Our forces are responding to the Turkish occupation attacks and fail all their attempts, where a number of our fighters were martyred during the clashes, and 3 had been captured by Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, but we will not retreat, our only option is the resistance."

"The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries violate the ceasefire agreement, and continue their ground and air attacks on our areas," Hanna said.

"Our morale is high and we will deal with all attacks by the Turkish occupation army," Hanna said.

'No difference between ISIS and Turkish occupation'

Hanna does not see a "difference between the Turkish occupation army and the mercenaries of ISIS and Jabhet al-Nusra," stressing that they "will not allow the repetition of the massacres of mercenaries in 2015 and the people of al-Khabour will not forget what they did"

In 2015, Khabour villages were attacked by ISIS, which killed hundreds of people and destroyed Christian worship houses.

Hanna appealed at the end of his speech, all the people of the region to join the Forces of the Syriac and Assyrian Military Council and the Syrian Democratic Forces, and took up arms against the Turkish occupation army.



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