Syria sheikhs' notables: No to new Ottoman occupation, Arab countries must repel Turkey

A number of tribal sheikhs in Syria have said that northern Syria is one of the safest areas, stressing that they will not allow Turkey to enter Syrian territories.

Human shields activities in al-Munbatah neighborhood GIRÊ SPI off the Turkish border, witnessed a vast participation of Syrian tribal sheikhs who came from different Syrian cities, including those from Hama, Homs and Daraa, as well as tribal elders from northern Syria.

The participation of tribal sheikhs in the activities of human shields came to emphasize the rejection of the tribes of the Turkish threats to occupy north and east of Syria, and emphasizing the territorial integrity of Syria.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) met with Sheikh Abdul Mohammad al-Nahar, Sheikh of Bawali clan, who came from Hama province to participate in the sit-in event on the Syrian-Turkish border.

The notable clan of Bawali said "We are all Syrians; we came to northern Syria to stand against the Turkish occupation with our people in the north of Syria, who are represented by SDF and who are the children of the homeland, As Syrians, we will not allow the Turkish occupation to occupy new Syrian lands, As the Syrian people have taken out the Ottoman Empire, they will now be able to get them out of the cities of al-Bab, Jarablus, Idlib, Afrin and even the Iskenderun.

"The Syrian regime is sharing the role of Erdogan are exchanging in the Syrian regions and creating corruption and racism among the Syrian people through demographic change, as in the Syrian city of Afrin, which is home to 50% of the people of al-Ghouta and the remains of Turkish terrorism," he said. Why is the regime silent about these daily violations against our Syrian people?

He stressed the need for the Syrian regime to take a firm stance towards the Turkish occupation, and stressed that they will not allow a new Ottoman occupation of Syrian territory.

At the end of his speech, he appealed to all Arab tribes to stand with them and support their cause. He said that those who confronted the Ottomans about a hundred years before they can now take them out. 


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