Symposium in al-Tabqa to explain International Women's Day

As part of Women Administration preparations in al-Tabqa for the International Women's Day, which falls on 8 March, it organized today, in coordination with the Women's House in al-Mansoura town, a seminar for women in the town to explain the International Women's Day.


The symposium was held in the middle school in the middle of the town in al-Tabqa, the Women's House in al-Mansoura, the Women's House in the village of Hnida west of Mansoura, al-Raqqa Civil Council and dozens of women and men in al-Mansoura.

After holding a minute of silence, the co-chair of al-Tabqa Civil Council, Yathrib Hassoun, highlighted the importance of the role of women in building society and protecting it from ancient times.

Yathrib added, "In the end, despite the difficulties, problems and hardships she has endured in many societies, women have proved to be the supreme symbol of steadfastness, strength and sacrifice."

Before the conclusion of the Symposium, a short documentary presented the resistance shown by the fighters of the Women's Protection Units in liberating the land and human beings from terrorism.



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