Swedish site: Erdogan police adopts ISIS' manner of torture, treats women as slaves

Sometimes one gets confused as from where ISIS has acquired its terrifying methods of dealing with prisoners and people, but what the documents reveal indicates that the Justice and Development Party and ISIS are two sides of the same coin.

The Swedish website Nordic Monitor has revealed terrible accounts about torturing persons in police custody in an unofficial place of detention in Turkey, which was reported by many victims in court sessions.

The documents showed how the ideological and doctrinal background of the Turkish regime nurtures the terrorist mentality of the country's main law enforcement agency.

The Nordic Monitor report referred to the testimony of Mohamed Cezjin, a 33-year-old first lieutenant who testified in court on December 12, 2017, and revealed brutal torture practices in a gymnasium that was converted by the Ankara Police Department to a temporary detention site after the failed coup in 2016.

Cezjin said: "It seemed strange enough for me to hear phrases such as: You are a prisoner of war, your property is our spoils, your wives, your daughters are also our wives, take off your wedding rings," adding that these statements are similar to the statements of ISIS mercenaries.

Cezjin worked for years in the intelligence department of the Gendarmerie General Command in Ankara in tracking down terrorists, including those belonging to ISIS and al-Qaeda; however, he was unlawfully arrested without charge, held in an unofficial place for days, and tortured and threatened in the ISIS method of using women and girls as sex slaves, he is one of the many who have experienced adversity while in police custody.

The Turkish lieutenant's statements, backed by rare medical reports and graphic evidence, revealed how police officers who tortured detainees systematically used the method used by ISIS mercenaries as an excuse to inflict physical and psychological harm on their victims.


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