Swedish delegation reviews Executive, Legislative Councils' work

The Swedish delegation visited the Executive and Legislative Councils in al-Jazeera region in order to learn about the mechanism of action and listening to the most important difficulties the region faces, in addition to that, the delegation met a group of members of the Executive and Legislative Council.

The Swedish delegation to the northern and eastern regions of Syria, as part of its program of tours and meetings in the institutions and departments of the Autonomous Administration, paid a visit to both the Executive and Legislative Councils in al-Jazeera region. The delegation included the Swedish envoy to the Syrian file Ber Ornioz, the official of the Syrian file in the Swedish Foreign Ministry Caruhan Wenberkh, he official of the International Relief Agency, Berdance, Legal adviser Avin Jetin, and with the participation of the representative of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in Sweden and Scandinavia Ster Kurdagi. "

At the headquarter of al-Jazeera's Amuda district, the co-chairs of the Executive Council Talaat Yunus and Nazira Korea" and their deputy Ali al-Kaoud, the co-chairs of the Legislative Council Hussein Azzam, and Arya Maham and their deputy Elham Motleh, and the consultants of the Executive Council, Dilber Yousef, Mizgin Ahmed, as well as many members of the two councils.

At the beginning of the visit and after welcoming the host, the Swedish envoy to the Syrian file, Ornioz, explained the reason for the visit. "We are very proud to visit our allies who have defeated Daesh and terrorism. The visit was necessary to support the region, see what support we could provide to this area".

In their turn, the co-chair of the Executive Council Talat Younis and Nazira Korea addressed the Swedish delegation to express their pride at this visit, and explained the mechanism of work of the Executive and Legislative Councils, and also discussed the great difficulties experienced by the regions of North and East Syria, especially after the liberation of the last areas from Daesh mercenaries which in turn increased the difficulties of the administration in other regions, and demanded the delegation at the end of their speech for political support as well as military support, and support for the affected areas in the region, as well as reducing the burden on the Autonomous Administration.

According to information received by our correspondents, the delegation is to meet with the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mazloum Abdi.


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