Sudanese Police fired tear gas against protesters

The Sudanese police fired the tear gas against the protesters in Khartoum city of Bahri.

The Sudanese police fired tear gas at the demonstrators in the Khartoum city of Bahri, adjacent to the capital Khartoum, coinciding with the call of the Forces of Freedom and Change in Sudan to the emergence of Demonstrations to demand the Transitional Military Council to hand over power.

 Sudan is currently undergoing a transition phase after the overthrow of former President Omar al-Bashir following popular uprising. A Transitional Military Council took over the interim government under the chairmanship of former Defense Minister Awad bin Auf, who was not accepted by the people. After hours of leaving the post with the deputy chairman of the council, former chief of staff Kamal Abdul Raouf al-Mahi, after that the Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah El-Borhan took over the council leadership.




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