Sudanese Military Council suspended negotiations with Forces of Freedom, Change

The Sudanese Military Council has announced on Thursday dawn suspending negotiations with the Forces of Freedom and Change over the transitional period for 72 hours in order to create a climate, while the authorities expressed their regret over this decision

Ruling Military Council of Sudan suspended on Thursday dawn 72 hours of negotiations with the Forces of Freedom and Change over the interim period in order to "create a climate" for dialogue following the escalation of fire in the place of the protesters' sit-in, in front of the General Command of the army in Khartoum

"From our responsibility to God, our army and our people, we have decided to stop negotiating for 72 hours until the climate is ready to complete the agreement," the Transitional Military Council's Head Abdel Fattah Burhan said in a statement on state television.

Burhan's statement came after shooting the fire on Wednesday night in the place of the demonstrators' sit-in before the General Command of the army, which led to the injury of eight people and two days after the killing of six people in the same area as a result of shooting fire by gunmen.

For its part, the opposing Alliance of the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces in Sudan said on Thursday that the Transitional Military Council suspension of the negotiation process with the protesters was "a regrettable decision."

Washington and the Alliance of Freedom and Change Forces held on Tuesday the military responsible for the violence, while the Military Council held its responsibility for "unknown elements" who wanted to divert the political track from its destination.

The statement came after the announcement of the protest leaders that the Military Council had suspended negotiations with them.

"The Military Council has suspended the negotiations, and they have asked us to remove checkpoints in the areas of the capital," Rachid al-Sayyid, the spokesman for the Freedom and Change Forces told AFP.



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