Sudanese capital is witnessing civil disobedience

The Sudanese capital Khartoum on Wednesday witnessed civil disobedience, closing markets and shops and freeing the streets of civilians as part of popular protests demanding the departure of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.


The opposition Sudanese Congress Party published a video showing the Arab market area, the most crowded market in Khartoum, and has seen the closure of many shops.

The gathering of professionals leading the popular movement in Sudan and the signatories to the declaration of freedom and change called for a civil disobedience on Tuesday (March 13th) for a one-day strike, including work for traders, workers and public and private sector employees.

It is not yet clear how much of the response to the call for disobedience in the rest of the region, but many companies have announced through their pages on the websites that they will participate in the protest movement.

Bashir, who has ruled the country since 1989, announced on February 22, imposing a state of emergency in Sudan for a year.

It also decided to ban unlicensed gatherings and ordered the establishment of special emergency courts to consider violations committed under a state of emergency.

Sudan has been witnessing almost daily protests against Bashir since December 19, triggered by rising prices and lack of financial liquidity, but it has become Bashir's strongest challenge since he took power 30 years ago.



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