Sudan, US sign agreement restoring Sudan's sovereign immunity

The United States and Sudan signed a historic agreement to settle the cases filed against Khartoum in American courts, and this agreement would prevent future cases against Sudan and affirm its sovereign immunity.

A statement issued by the Sudanese Ministry of Justice stated that the government of Sudan renewed in this agreement its assertion that Khartoum is not responsible for these attacks, but at the same time, in its desire to develop its relations with the United States, it agreed to enter into a settlement to address the complex legal reality that these cases left behind. And its implications for Sudan now and in the future.

The statement indicated that according to the agreement, Sudan agreed to pay an amount of 335 million dollars to be placed in a joint guarantee account until the United States, on its part, fulfills its obligations to complete the procedures for Sudan to obtain its sovereign, after leaving the list of states sponsoring terrorism.

The Sudanese Ministry of Justice stated that “according to this agreement, the judicial rulings issued against Sudan amounting to more than ten billion dollars, to compensate the victims in these cases, will be dropped, and future lawsuits against Sudan will be prevented and its sovereign, and thus its legal status will be like all countries that do not classify on the list of states sponsoring terrorism.

This agreement comes after lengthy negotiations that took place between Sudan and the United States for more than a year.

The decision of the Donald Trump administration to remove Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism last Friday was based on this agreement.



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