Students' Union of Medicine Faculty in Athens condemns double standards of W.H.O

​​​​​​​The Students' Union of the Faculty of Medicine of the Greek University of Athens condemned the WHO position in dealing with Rojava as part of its efforts to combat the coronavirus, it said: "It seems that the organization does not care about the lives of the 5 million people who live in Rojava, and prefers to deal exclusively with al-Assad regime."

The student union stance came in a statement issued yesterday, and Hawar news agency ANHA obtained a copy of it.

A number of Greek political parties signed it.

 The text of the statement read:

"We condemn the W.H.O position on the spread of corona disease in Rojava, and it seems that W.H.O does not care about the lives of the five million people who live in Rojava and prefer to deal exclusively with al-Assad regime.

The World Health Organization did not respond the Kurdish Red Crescent's calls

The statement pointed out that the World Health Organization disregarded the assistance of the displaced people of Afrin, "Initially there are in al-Shahba region, two hundred thousand had been displaced from Afrin canton, by the Turkish army and the extremist organizations that support it, living in difficult health conditions, and they are only served by a single hospital, and the doctors give their utmost efforts in combating Corona disease, but they urgently need medical devices such as testing devices, and respirators. The Kurdish Red Crescent and other organizations have made an appeal to the World Health Organization to provide medical support, but it has not responded. "

The statement pointed out that the Turkish state exploited drinking water in its war on north and east Syria, "On the other hand, in the province of al-Hasakah, Turkey left more than one million two hundred thousand people without drinking water amid pandemic outbreak, apparently that Turkey is exploiting the situation and using corona as a biological weapon, depending on poor health conditions in the area, and there was no position by W.H.O on the situation. "

The statement condemned "the concealment of the case of Corona, which was in the hospital of Qamishlo by Damascus and the World Health Organization, although the test result was positive for a 53-year-old, and it was hidden until his death. The Autonomous Administration was informed two weeks later, which presented the lives of millions in Rojava at risk. "



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