Strong clashes continue in al-Bagouz, 6 points liberated

The strong clashes in al-Bagouz continue between SDF and IS mercenaries, 6 points were liberated from IS mercenaries.


SDF launched on Friday the final phase of the "battle to defeat terrorism" to liberate al-Bagouz.

In this context, in a statement to the Director of Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mustafa Bali to our agency(ANHA), he pointed out that the fierce battles continue since yesterday night in al-Bagouz, between SDF fighters and mercenaries.

Bali has made it clear that the fighters are progressing, and that the fighters have so far managed to liberate 6 points where mercenaries have been stationed.

Bali reported that during the fighting, a number of mercenary elements were killed and three Syrian Democratic Forces fighters were wounded.



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