Stêrk TV to change satellite in early May

Our era is experiencing  rapid developments in technology on daily basis. These developments produce high quality broadcasting techniques and to keep up with these developments, Stêrk TV is going to change its satellite.

In order to get high quality  sound and images, Stêrk TV is going to change its satellite on May 1,  and start broadcasting via the satellite DVB-S2.

In order for the channel's followers to follow it easily, they should make some adjustments to the satellite list. They should first access the satellite list, access the frequency of  Stêrk TV channel manually after that and without any change in the information of the page itself,  they should change the orbit from DVB-S to DVB-S2 and then install the frequency , then they can follow  Stêrk TV channel with higher sound and image quality.



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