Strike tent activities continue in its 2nd day in Derik city

Brrav area residents received in the morning hours the rotation in the strike tent in its second day, in solidarity with Leyla Guven and her comrades. 


The residents and the institutions' members of Berrav area in Derik headed to the strike tent in solidarity with the struggler Leyla Guven who entered her 106 day and condemn the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan, and the detainees in the Turkish fascist prisons.

Several speeches were delivered on behalf of the Democratic Union Party, the Popular Determination Party, the Intellectuals Union in Derik, the Martyrs Families Council in Berav, Girkê Legê Council, Ain Deywar town council, and Newrouz Camp, the speeches focused on the resistance of Leyla Guven in her strike which entered her 106 day of condemnation the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan.

The speeches confirmed the continuation of struggle and the organization of activities to condemn the Turkish occupation violations in Bakur Kurdistan and the arrestment of the politicians and parliamentarians.

And called to the de-escalation of the struggle against the Turkish fascist till achieving the strikers' demands and deliver their voice to the whole world about what Turkey is doing against the strugglers and political activists in its prisons

Many delegations of civil society organizations and residents of Derik region visited the hunger strikers' tent to express their solidarity with the participants



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