Story of Afrinian woman with her daughter in Turkish occupation's prisons

A citizen from Afrin who was kidnapped by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation with her three-year-old daughter nearly a year ago recounted her story inside the occupation prisons, and the fate of her husband kidnapped by the Turkish intelligence whose fate remains anonymous until now.

She was kidnapped with her three-year-old daughter by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, and subjected to various types of torture for a year, while she managed to get out after paying a large ransom.

After the Turkish state and its mercenaries occupied Afrin on March 18, 2018, it pursued a policy of demographic change and forced displacement of civilians, in addition to widespread abductions against the remaining indigenous people.

A whole family from Afrin consisted of three people, including a three-year-old girl was kidnapped and tortured by the mercenaries, while the fate of one of its members remains unknown.

The story started when the mercenaries kidnapped the citizen W.M from his home in Afrin city, and took him to Turkey's prisons on charges of dealing with the Autonomous Administration.

In 2019, the Turkish intelligence kidnapped in coordination with the mercenaries of the Military Police the citizen W.M's wife called A.A and her three-year-old daughter on charges of dealing with the People and Women Protection Units (YPG – YPJ) and exterminating elements of the mercenaries, and they were taken to the branch of the so-called Military Police mercenaries at a former trade school in the occupied Afrin.

How are kidnappings dealt with in the Military Police Branch and who leads it?

The so-called Military Police Branch was formerly the trade school in Afrin. It turned into a place for torturing civilians and killing them on flimsy charges and arguments, especially for women, after Afrin was occupied by the Turkish state and its mercenaries.

The mercenaries nicknamed Abo Haydar, Abo Arab, Abo Ziyad and Abo Sayer are leading the Military Police Branch in occupied Afrin, and at the same time they are investigating civilians and women. They are among the most hideous people who torture civilians and women in particular.

The two mercenaries Abo Haydar and Abo Arab belong to the countryside of Aleppo, and they have a long history of killing, torturing and destroying the Syrian people, especially the Kurds.

In the notorious prison, women are subjected to various forms of torture, such as being electrocuted and beaten with water cannons, as well as insulting and immoral practices.

The story of kidnapping the citizen A.A and her young daughter

On the 23rd of June 2019, the 27-year-old female citizen A.A was kidnapped with her young daughter from her house in Afrin, and they were taken to the Military Police Branch. After more than a year in prisons, she managed to escape to al-Shahba canton a week ago.

She says: "I was abducted by the Military Police brutally, and I do not know the reason for my kidnapping. When I arrived at the branch of the mercenaries of the Military Police in the trade school, the mercenaries brutally beat me with water cannons, not to mention the indecent and obscene words. Whenever, they hit me, they used to say you work with the People Units, and you give information about Afrin to them."

A.A touched on the methods of investigation and torture of women during the investigation: "The mercenary investigator Abo Haydar used to ask me about how to deal with YPG, and the information I send to them. I used to answer that I do not work with anyone, and that I am a civilian who has nothing to do with anyone. He used to abuse me via My three-year-old daughter threatening her with death and giving her anesthetic pills."

She added: "Abo Haydar used to threaten me with rape and posting videos if I did not provide information, in addition to killing my daughter. He forced me to watch how women were tortured with horrific methods such as hitting with cannons and electric shocks, and I was tortured with these methods without mercy and compassion."

During her talk, A.A indicated that she had a nervous breakdown due to the scenes she saw inside the branch; torture and the treatment of the kidnappers as not human.

A.A noted: "After a month, the branch cells are full of kidnapped women, including Kurdish women, ISIS mercenaries and women from northern and eastern Syria on false charges and arguments."

She added: "Many women inside the branch suffered a nervous breakdown, and they went crazy, in addition to various diseases due to the spread of dirt everywhere inside the branch and preventing its cleaning."

A.A affirmed that "some women, when they were exposed to diseases, the mercenaries used to inject them with narcotic injections and pills to disclose things they did not do."

A.A added that "among the abducted women, there were pregnant women who gave born in prison despite the lack of medical supplies, babies' clothing, nor even infant formula."

A.A noted: "There are a large number of women sentenced to death, a large number of women and men have died under torture, and some of them have gone crazy due to the electric shock."

A.A and her daughter (T.M) stayed for nearly a year in the mercenaries' prisons, and she stressed that "the women abducted in prisons are calling and wishing from the Autonomous Administration and People and Women Protection Units to rid them of the injustice and brutality of the Turkish occupation's mercenaries."

She went out with a financial ransom of 17 million pounds

A.A was released from prison after her father paid a financial ransom of 17 million Syrian pounds for her release, in addition to paying $ 350 for mercenaries and $ 800 for the lawyer. After leaving the prison, A.A, her daughter, mother (M.A) who was kidnapped by the mercenaries for twenty days on the pretext of dealing with Autonomous Administration institutions earlier, and her father to al-Shahba canton.



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