Storms, kidnapping of dozens of Kurdish citizens in Belbela District

Turkish occupation mercenaries on Monday (July 29th) launched a new raid in the villages of Belbela district of Afrin canton and kidnapped a number of citizens and took them to unknown destinations.

According to the information obtained by our agency ANHA from sources in Afrin, which confirmed that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation raided on Monday evening the village of Ali Karra, of Belbela district and kidnapped a number of Kurdish citizens, especially young people between the ages of 20 and 30 years, 6 of them were: Musa Abdel Razzaq Hussein, Khalil Abdel Razzaq Hussein, Mohamed Khalil Hussein, Mohamed Adnan Mohamed, Mohamed Rashid Hussein, Jamil Sayed Mohamed.

In the same area, the mercenaries raided the village of Abidano and kidnapped three citizens. Two of them were identified as Abdo Ali Ibrahim and Khalil Yacoub Mamu.

The mercenaries took all the abductees to an unknown destination.



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