sterilization of SDF centers in Al-Hasakah as a preventive step from

As sterilization campaigns continue in Al-Hasakah, the administration of Martyr Sarya Hospital initiated the sterilization of SDF centers in the city, examined the fighters, and provided medical advice to them regarding the virus.

Sterilization campaigns continue in the city of Hasaka as a preventive measure against the Corona virus, which is widespread in most countries of the world. In this context, the administration of Martyr Sarya Hospital in the city initiated the sterilization of the SDF centers.

Masks and gloves have been distributed to the fighters, and then they were subjected to thermometer, then a specialist doctor diagnosed the condition of each fighter, whether he complains of diseases or high temperature.

Ayman Mustafa, a doctor at the Martyr Saraya Hospital, told Hawar News Agency that they had started a campaign to sterilize the SDF centers, as a precaution.

Ayman Mustafa added: "By diagnosing our health conditions, we did not show any symptoms of Corona virus, but this step is a precaution for their safety, and we are doing our part as possible in order not to spread this pandemic in our region and among our forces."

Ayman said they distributed sterilizers, masks and gloves to the fighters, and gave them medical advice about the virus.

Finally, Mustafa called on the people to abide by the curfew, and not underestimate this virus to preserve their health and that of their families.

The campaign will continue until all the SDF centers have been sterilized.



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