Statement from Tal Abyad Military Council about Turkish attacks

 The Tal Abyad Military Council renewed its readiness to protect the Syrian lands and its indigenous people, in conjunction with the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation state on the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

 This was stated by Wissam al-Omar, the spokesperson for the Tal Abyad Military Council, in a statement to the media, in conjunction with the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation state on northern and eastern Syria.

 Al-Omar began his statement by saying that the Turkish attacks are not new to the regions of north and east Syria, "since it occupied large parts of the regions of north and east Syria such as Afrin, Girê Spî, Serêkaniyê, it targets civilian gatherings and infrastructure on a daily basis with the aim of undermining security and stability in the region and displacing the indigenous population  in the region and housing the families of his mercenaries in implementation of its settlement project and demographic change in the areas he occupies.

 He added, "The Turkish occupier pours out its anger on civilians because of their clinging to their lands and villages, despite the policy of intimidation and targeting of their property, which takes place on a daily basis, which hinders the implementation of his plan to displace them, to make it easier for him later to occupy their areas."

 At the end of his statement, Wissam Al-Omar stressed that the forces of the Tal Abyad Military Council "are ready to carry out the duties entrusted to them by protecting the Syrian lands and the indigenous peoples present on this land and preventing the occupation of the Syrian lands."



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