Statement by Youth conference in 4 languages in solidarity with leader Ocalan

The Middle East youth gathered in Kobanî, north of Syria, before the conclusion of the conference which, on its third and final day issued a statement in which they announced their solidarity with leader Abdullah Ocalan and pledged to distribute his ideas on the widest possible scale.


The statement was attended by dozens of young people from different Middle Eastern countries and was read in four languages: "Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish and Syriac", read by young people from the constituents of Kobanî.

The statement included the youth's condemnation of the international conspiracy against the leader, and noted that the youth and the second conference of Middle Eastern youth seek to spread the thought of Ocalan on a large scale.

The youth condemned the international community and human rights organizations silence for what leader Ocalan has been subjected to for 20 years in Imrali prison.

The conference will continue on its third day .



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