Şêrikê residents: Russian patrols not protect us; we want buffer zone by international protecting

not protect them from the Turkish aggression which is still going on by launching attacks on the villages of Zerkan and Tal Tamr, and called for establishing a buffer zone under protection of international community.

Residents of border villages in Ad-Derbasiya district in al-Hasakah canton are afraid of attacks by the Turkish occupation state, targeting them and committing massacres against them, as happened in Serêkaniyê and GIRÊ SPî

The village of Şêrikê is located west of Ad-Darbasiya district in al-Hasakah canton and is far away 11 km from the district center. The point from which the first joint patrol between the Russian police and the Turkish occupation army was launched.

Ibrahim Daoud, a resident of the village, says: "We are in danger because we have a Turkish occupation "Everybody knows how brutal this country was, days before the Syrian regime forces came for border security, but we saw them fleeing here and we don't know why."

For his part, Jaber Khlo from the same village said that "Despite Russian patrols, we are still in danger because these patrols cannot protect us, Are only formal. "We are very concerned about the danger of the Turkish state because it is an occupying state that always aims to occupy territories that it does not have."

"So far as we approach the border they are targeting us, and the Turkish occupation prevents us from plowing our lands and not approaching them."

"Despite the attempts of the Turkish occupation state to force us to leave our land to occupy it like the rest of the Syrian areas to steal our wealth and seize our homes, we will not leave our land and our homes because this land is ours," said Jamil Hamza.

Regarding the Russian patrols, Hamza said, "Every day we see Russian patrols or the Syrian regime, which calls themselves the border guards, but they cannot protect us from Turkey. Can external forces protect us? We want to establish a buffer zone under international supervision, not Turkey, which has occupied our territory and is committing massacres against us. "





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