Sporadic clashes between fighters of al-Bab Military Council, mercenaries of Turkey east of al-Bab

Al-Bab Military Council fighters responded to the sources of fire from the occupied village of al-Kareidiya after the mercenaries of Turkey targeted points of concentration of fighters in the village of al-Buwahej, while intermittent clashes continued in the area.


According to the correspondent of ANHA agency from the region that mercenaries of the Turkish occupation stationed in the village of al-Kareidiya focused on the points of the concentration of the fighters of al-Bab Military Council in the village of al-Buwahej west of the town of al-Arima east of al-Bab.

The reporter said that the mercenaries used heavy machine guns, after that the fighters responded to them after which clashes erupted between them which continue until this moment intermittently.

While no outcomes have yet been received from the ongoing clashes.



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