Spokesman: Turkey targets the Syriac directly

The spokesman for the Syriac Military Council Abjar Yacoub said that the repeated Turkish attacks on the perimeter of the city of Tal Tamr led to the migration of hundreds of the children of the Syriac component.

Abjar Yaqoub confirmed that their forces in the Syriac Military Council are now defending the people of the region in Khabour basin and confronting the Turkish aggression on Tal Tamr areas.

Yacoub drew attention to the presence of Syrian regime forces in the area. "They are there but they do not have heavy weapons.” As he talked to Ronahi TV channel.

Abjar Yaacoub called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and stand against the Turkish occupation which aims to exterminate the indigenous components of the region, especially the Syriac component.

Since October 9, the Turkish occupation has launched violent attacks on northern and eastern areas of Syria. In recent days, its attacks have focused on the villages of the Khabour Basin, which is the largest Assyrian and Syriac gathering in the region, while the Syriac Military Council, which took over the protection of these villages, is confronting the occupation attacks.




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