Southern Council in Yemen announces autonomous administration

​​​​​​​The Southern Transitional Council in Yemen, headed by Aidraus al-Zoubaidi, declared a state of public emergency in the city of Aden and all the provinces of the south. He also declared " autonomous administration" for the south from midnight on Saturday.

In his statement, he called for "brothers in the Arab coalition and the international community to support and support autonomous administration measures in a manner that realizes the security and stability of our people, combating terrorism, and maintaining international peace and security", according to the statement.

As a result, large forces affiliated with the security belt loyal to the Southern Transitional Council were deployed in large places in the city of Aden.

Local sources said that the security belt forces, support and backstopping, Aden security and the Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Investigation team have been deployed extensively in the city.

In the first reaction of the Yemeni government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the announcement of the transitional council as an "armed rebellion," and said: "The so-called transitional council refuses to arbitrate the mind and implement what it has in accordance with the Riyadh agreement, taking into account the catastrophic situation that the temporary capital of Aden is going through, and insists on escaping and covering he failed to announce the continuation of his armed rebellion against the state. "

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia demanded, "the guarantor of the Riyadh agreement and the leader of the Alliance to Support Legitimacy, a clear position and strict measures towards the continued rebellion of the so-called transitional council and its disavowal from the Riyadh agreement."

For his part, the head of the General Staff of the Yemeni army, Lt. Gen. Sagheer bin Aziz, called for the need for "there to be a clear response to what the Southern Transitional Council has done."

He said in a tweet on Twitter: "To all the free people of Yemen, unclear positions mean weak national patriotism."

The Saudi-led Arab coalition supports President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi's government in the face of the Houthi militants who control the capital, Sanaa.

The Southern Transitional Council in Yemen was established on May 11, 2017 by politicians, tribal and military officials in Aden, the country's second largest city.

At the time, Aidraus al-Zoubaidi, the former governor of Aden, announced in a speech broadcast on the local television, along with the previous flag of the Republic of South Yemen, a decision to establish a Southern Transitional Council under his chairmanship called the "Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council."

The coalition announced a cease-fire on April 9, in support of UN efforts to end the five-year-old war, and to create the atmosphere to cope with an outbreak of the Coronavirus, and extended it for 30 days as the month of Ramadan begins.



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