Sources: Turkish occupation prepares to establish military base in Zerkan countryside

Local sources told our local agency that the Turkish occupation army emptied two villages of its inhabitants in the countryside of Zerkan district, in preparation for the establishment of a military base.

"The Turkish occupation army expelled civilians from the villages of Aniq al-Hawa and Um Oshba, southwest of Zerkan district," our correspondent quoted local sources.

The Turkish occupation imposed 50,000 Syrian pounds on every citizen who wished to move his property from the two villages in addition to seizing their agricultural machinery.

The sources confirmed that Turkey was preparing to establish a military base in that area.

The Turkish occupation army began to bulldoze houses in the village of Daudiya Mala Salman, southwest of Zerkan district in Al-Hasakeh province in northeast Syria, on the grounds that the villagers are affiliated with the Autonomous Administration.



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