Sources: Turkey forces Afrin's youth to participate in Idlib's battles

Reliable sources inside the occupied canton said that the Turkish army recruit the youth of Afrin in the ranks of the mercenaries and force them join the battles with the mercenaries against the Syrian regime in Idlib.

 No one knows what is happening inside the occupied Afrin, reliable sources from inside the occupied Afrin said to ANHA that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries kidnapped a number of youth from Satiya village of Mobata district and Keferdela village of Jandres district and said that they would recruit them in the Idlib war.

This practices support the demographic change followed by the Turkish occupation in Afrin, by kidnapping the Afrin youth and join them in the fronts of Idlib which is witnessing battles between the Syrian regime and the mercenaries groups backed by the Turkish occupation army.

The Ottoman state was following the same policy in the First World War by forcing the Kurds, the Arab and the other components in the battles that serve the Ottoman sate interests.



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