Sources: Mercenaries regain control points in al-Rasadin

 Mercenaries of the occupation army regained their lost points to the  Syrian regime forces in the neighborhood of Al-Rashadin last night, after the outbreak of strong clashes with the forces of the Syrian regime. Mercenaries used tunnels and the indulgers.

  Informed sources with the field scene in Aleppo, told ANHA that shelling and violent clashes have been taking place in the western side of Aleppo city since yesterday. They led to the progress of the regime in the neighborhood of Rashadin yesterday and its withdrawal from it today.

The sources pointed out that the fire preparation of the Syrian regime and the Russian forces was enough to cause a crack in the defense lines of the  mercenaries, and control some points in the area of the Al Rashadin, but the mercenaries used pre-prepared tunnels and indulgers that changed the clashes course in that area, where mercenaries recaptured all the points they lost last night in al-Rashadin neighborhood in the western countryside of Aleppo , amid reports of dozens of deaths between the two sides.



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