​​​​​​​Source: Turkey tries to enter person died with covid-19 to NE, Syria

A security source said to Hawar news agency (ANHA), that Turkey is trying to enter the body of a young man from Kobani who lost his life in Turkey due to his infection with the coronavirus to the regions of north and east Syria, and this information is added to a series of previous information that talked about repeated Turkish attempts to introduce the virus into the areas of the Autonomous Administration.

The security source, who did not want to be named, added that the young Mohamed Ibrahim, whose mother's name is Sadikah, who was born in the canton of Kobani, died a few days ago in Turkey as a result of being infected with the coronavirus.

The same source pointed out that the Turkish authorities are trying to bring Ibrahim's body into the north and east of Syria without informing the administration of the cause of his death, in an attempt to transfer the virus to the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria.

This, and the body is still in the areas under the domination of the Turkish occupation in Syria, and the source revealed that the Turkish occupation is preparing the necessary documents to bring the body of Muhammad Ibrahim to the north and east of Syria.

And many sources have already talked about the attempts of the Turkish occupation to introduce those infected with the coronavirus to the areas of north and east of Syria.

AA had taken a package of measures in the face of the coronavirus, including the burial of dead bodies from outside the region in special graves near the border crossings with the Syrian government and Başûr (south Kurdistan).



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