Source from Afrin: Turkish occupation seizes civilians' stores

A source from inside the city of Afrin, which is occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, said that the occupation factions took over shops for civilians inside the city, in continuation of a series of violations against the indigenous people of the occupied city.

Hawar news agency ANHA obtained, through its sources, from the occupied city of Afrin, information that mercenary gangs of the Turkish occupation army had confiscated shops for Kurdish citizens of the city after being expelled from them.

The source pointed out that "the mercenary Abu Ali from Faleq al-Rahman closed the shops of the Kurdish citizens in al-Sinaa area of Afrin city after confiscating the shops and considering all the spoils for him and his group of mercenaries."

According to the source, the Kurdish citizens who were expelled and robbed must pay the mercenary "Abu Ali," if they wish to open their stores again.

According to the information received, a number of the confiscated stores were distributed to the settlers who were inhabited by the Turkish occupation in Afrin, coming from other Syrian regions.

This comes as a continuation of the series of violations committed by mercenary gangs of the Turkish occupation army against the residents of the city of Afrin and its occupied villages. After the displacement of tens of thousands of indigenous residents, the occupation exercises the right of the few remaining indigenous people to looting, stealing and kidnapping, and then release the kidnapped in exchange for the ransom.

Turkey and its mercenaries have occupied the city of Afrin and a number of its villages since March 18, 2018.



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