Source: al-Amshat mercenaries abduct Kaxra people

A local source told ANHA's that mercenaries of the al-Amshat group affiliated to the Turkish Occupation Forces carried out a widespread campaign of raids and abductions in the village of Kaxra of the Mobata District as a curfew is being imposed.  

The source in question reported that mercenary groups affiliated to the Turkish Occupation Forces started from the early hours of the day to abduct residents of the village arbitrarily.

The source mentioned that half the residents of the village, elderly, men, women and children were abducted after a car owned by the al-Amshat mercenaries was burned. 

According to the source, abductions coincided with a curfew imposed on the village as entry to and exit from the village was not allowed.

Worth to note that lately the al-Amshat mercenary group affiliated to the Turkish Occupation Forces evicted indigenous people from their house to be transferred onto camps installed at the outskirts of the village to settle their families peoples' houses.



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